History of Hawaiian
Shave Ice

Hawaiian shave ice was originally created as a simple icy treat made by using hand planes to shave ice, put in a cup then topped it with sugar or molasses syrup.  With something so simple — ice and syrup — the details matter.

When the ice is shaved, rather than grinded (like in snow cones) the result is a soft, fluffy, powder able to absorb natural fruit syrups giving you every bite full of mouthwatering flavor. KuhiKuhi modern-day shave ices are offered to you with add-ons like fruit toppings, ice creams, and snowcaps (sweetened, condensed milk).

KuhiKuhi Shave Ice is dedicated to serving up the tastiest, fluffiest, and most fun authentic Hawaiian shave ice. Are you seeking a ten-minute vacation, an affordable luxury, a bit of self-indulgence, a retreat from the heat of the day? KuhiKuhi Shave Ice created that oasis of shave ice euphoria. We do this by selling the highest quality and best tasting shave ice in the world. Our flavors combined with the greatest snow on earth. One taste will convince you that no one does it better!

Dole Soft Serve

KuhiKuhi Shave Ice also sells Dole Soft Serve in several mouth watering flavors: The original Pineapple flavor, Strawberry, and Mango.

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